Adis launches two new Open Access journals

Adis, a leading global provider of drug information, has just announced the launch of two new open access journals, which will be added to their portfolio in Summer 2014.

Drugs – Real World Outcomes

The first new title to be launched is Drugs – Real World Outcomes. The journal will focus on the performance of drugs in day-to-day clinical practice, and the use of real-world data to support evaluation of health outcomes. Investigations into drug utilization, patterns of prescribing, treatment guideline adherence, and comparative effectiveness and economic analyses will all fall under the scope of this new title.

Dene Peters, Co-Editor, explains:

“We all know that the gold standard in research is the randomized controlled clinical trial; however, we also know that these trials by the nature of their design fail to inform clinicians on many fronts. While they provide vital confirmation of efficacy and safety, they exclude many relevant patient groups, such as the elderly, children and those with co-morbidities, and they are conducted in ideal settings, with an expectation of high adherence rates. Clinicians need to know how their patients will respond to a drug in real life – and the potential impact of factors such as race, age, sex, co-morbidities, performance status and other medications. Our new journal aims to address this by providing a vehicle for dissemination and a forum for discussion of these issues”.

Co-Editor Anton van Rensburg adds:

“We are excited about the contribution the journal will be able to make to clinical practice by providing meaningful information for critical decision making and are pleased to invite researchers to submit their original research and definitive reviews to the title for consideration.”

Drug Safety – Case Reports

Drug Safety – Case Reports is the second new title being added to the Adis portfolio and is a sister publication to the well-established Drug Safety journal, also published by Adis. This new title will specialize in the publication of case reports and case series related to suspected adverse drug reactions (ADRs) following the use of one or more conventional drugs, vaccines, herbal/complementary medicines, biologics, commercially-prepared blood products, diagnostic pharmaceuticals, and drug-device combination products.

Co-Editor Nitin Joshi announced:

“Although Drug Safety has been serving the needs of `Pharmacovigilantes’ since 1986, the need to cater to our diverse readership precluded us from publishing case reports on a regular basis. To cover this gap and to acknowledge the importance of published case reports in pharmacovigilance, we decided to launch Drug Safety – Case Reports”

Fellow Co-Editor Steve McMillan states:

“The field of pharmacovigilance is rapidly developing and we are pleased to be able to offer another valuable source of information for both healthcare professionals and manufacturers, to add to our already strong portfolio of content solutions”.

Both of the new journals will be published under the AdisOpen program meaning that they will be published online only and will be entirely open access, making them accessible to readers globally without the need for a subscription. All articles published in the journals will undergo rigorous peer review to ensure that they meet the high standards expected from Adis.

Adis has more than 40 years’ experience in publishing, with a portfolio of more than 30 medical journals and newsletters. As part of Springer, they are able to offer many benefits to authors including efficient article submission, tracking and review, expedited publication timelines, and high visibility through Springer’s proprietary content platforms. More information about the two new journals will be announced soon via the website. For any inquiries in the meantime, please contact the Editorial team at

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