New Adis platform connects the world of drug development

Adis has unveiled a new platform for drug development and research, disease treatment and decision making, based on its well-established R&D Insight, Clinical Trials Insight and Pharmacovigilance Insight databases.

AdisInsight brings together essential scientific information on drugs in commercial development, key clinical trials, deals undertaken and safety profiles, in one easy-to-use database.

An introduction to AdisInsight 

A methodical approach is followed for creating content for the database, focusing on quality and relevance. A team of scientific editors review, assess and summarize new information from multiple sources including journals, conference proceedings, government and company websites, to ensure that readers have timely access to reliable data.

The platform was designed in response to extensive customer and market research which revealed new insights into the way users search. Mike Sumner, Director of Product Manager for AdisInsight, explained:

“Databases were historically designed to cater to the expert searcher – an individual who knows what they are looking for and how to create complex queries to find it. We understand that users of our content have vastly different needs, and they don’t always know exactly what to search for in order to meet them.  The new database is designed to help people find the answers they need, whether they are an expert searcher, or a casual browser. By making easy to search, we’ve made expertly-written drug information more accessible for everyone.“

Users can now find information from each stage of the drug lifecycle with a single search in AdisInsight, eliminating the need for them to access multiple databases.  For example, searching for a drug will also reveal any related deals, clinical trials or safety reports, which speeds up the research process for users and can help them to make better informed decisions.

AdisInsight is available online now and can be previewed at More information can be found at