More than half a million users trust AdisInsight

Adis announced recently that its drug development database, AdisInsight, has been visited by more than half a million users since it launched in 2015.

AdisInsight delivers the most compelling, current evidence on drug treatments being developed worldwide – how well they work, how safe they are, who is working on them, and how soon they will be available.

The platform brings together expertly-written content on drugs, deals, trials and safety. This content was previously offered through three separate databases – R&D Insight, Clinical Trials Insight and Pharmacovigilance Insight, but the launch of AdisInsight  saw this content come together in one place for the first time.


What makes AdisInsight different is our scientific expertise


“I have completed more than 100 evaluations using AdisInsight. It is absolutely critical that the information I include is proven and trustworthy and it has been so every time.”

Business Development & Licensing Manager, top 50 pharma

The statistics, provided by Google Analytics, are a strong endorsement of the customer-driven development approach adopted by the AdisInsight team, which sees the platform continuously evolving in response to customer feedback.

The largest proportion of users to date are based in the United States, followed by India, the United Kingdom, Japan and Germany. AdisInsight has subscribers across multiple industries including pharma and biotech; finance, business and banking; hospitals and healthcare; and academia.



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