Meeting report: 3rd Annual Risk Management and Pharmacovigilance Summit, Vienna

Meeting report: 3rd Annual Risk Management and Pharmacovigilance Summit, Vienna

Colleagues from SpringerNature recently took part in the 3rd Annual Risk Management and Pharmacovigilance summit in Vienna, with the following meeting report provided by Daniela Ranzani, Adis Business Intelligence Product Manager.

Traditional topics as well as best practice and case-study presentations remain at the core of the meeting, allowing attendees to share knowledge and diverse experiences. Regulation revisions were also discussed, with a spotlight on the GVP Modules V and IX updates. Attention to patients with dedicated programs was highlighted, and a presentation on social media listening reminded us all of the great power represented by such tools when used for PV, which also brings great challenges in terms of carefully managing this type of information. Continue reading “Meeting report: 3rd Annual Risk Management and Pharmacovigilance Summit, Vienna”

Improve your biomarker intelligence with Adis and Amplion

Adis will join forces with  new partners, Amplion, to deliver a series of expert webinars over the coming months. The first of these, taking place on October 25th 2016,  will explore how top organisations manage clinical information and, in particular, biomarker information.

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During this live webinar, you will learn:

  • Why biomarkers are important at different points of the healthcare value chain
  • How highly-effective companies manage their clinical information
  • How the collaboration between Adis and Amplion can help to move you up the biomarker intelligence maturity model

The webinar is free and open to all. Please register here.

Free access to AdisInsight content on the Zika virus

AdisInsight profiles relating to the Zika virus are now available to access for free, as part of Springer Nature’s pledge to share data that can support public health emergencies.

Springer Nature is part of a group of leading global health bodies including academic journals, NGOs, research funders and institutes that published a joint statement earlier this year, committing to share data and results relevant to the current Zika crisis and future public health emergencies.

In line with this, Springer Nature is opening up its resources related to the Zika virus to help students, researchers, health care professionals, and other scientifically minded individuals to better understand the multidisciplinary approach to containing the virus and caring for patients.

We’ve included open-access links to drug profiles and clinical trial profiles from AdisInsight relevant to the Zika virus:

Drug profiles: 

Trial profiles:

Additional research has been organized into various disciplines and made freely available – this includes articles, commentaries, blog posts and news items. To view all of the content available, please visit the landing page.

If you are interested in learning more about AdisInsight, please complete your details in the form and one of our colleagues will be in touch

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Adis partnership with Amplion delivers biomarker data to AdisInsight users

Adis, a leading global provider of drug information, has entered into a partnership with Amplion, market-leaders in biomarker information, to enrich drug and clinical trial content in the AdisInsight platform with curated biomarker data.

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The new data is fully integrated into the AdisInsight platform meaning that users can perform quick or advanced searches across the data, view biomarker information within drug and trial profiles, and include it with exports and alerts. Existing customers will automatically benefit from the addition of biomarker data as part of their subscription.

Mirko Walter, Director of Product Management for Adis Business Intelligence states:

“It is very important for us to work with a partner that shares our commitment to providing scientifically accurate content. The work that Amplion does in this space with BiomarkerBase is unparalleled and we are proud to be working with them to deliver an even more valuable service to our customers.”

Established in 2012, Amplion have quickly grown to dominate the global biomarker business intelligence market. Their flagship product, BiomarkerBase is the leading source of information about biomarkers used in drug development and diagnostic tests, tracking almost 80,000 biomarker uses worldwide by over 800 companies across 20 therapeutic areas.

Amplion’s CEO, John Zicker, says:

“Working with Adis will allow us to distribute our information in a context that will help pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies better leverage biomarkers to triple clinical trial likelihood of approval and to improve top lines through improved product portfolio management. As a growing company we are ecstatic to be working with such a strong partner.”

This exclusive combination of data sets will support greater efficiency in R&D programs as users will be able to identify key biomarkers associated with a drug and understand how they were used in clinical trials to improve outcomes, and to reduce timelines. The enriched data will also provide greater insights into drug and disease landscapes, helping companies to identify new opportunities.

Biomarkers play a vital role in drug development and therapy. During the clinical phases, they can cut trial timelines through the use of progression and predictive markers and increase likelihood of approval by refining patient selection. In addition, they can be used to identify new drug targets for research and development.  In the clinic, biomarkers are critical to patient care with advanced diagnostic tools and the development of precision medicines tailored to individual patients.

Adis will also provide Amplion with granular drug information to enable more sophisticated analyses within BiomarkerBase. For example, users of BiomarkerBase will be able to organise their results by Drug Class, Mechanism of Action or Indication to assess how a biomarker fits within a therapy landscape. Users of AdisInsight will also have the option to follow links to BiomarkerBase to seek out further information.

Amplion is the leading biomarker business intelligence company, and its flagship product BiomarkerBase™, along with biomarker data mining and analytical services, deliver insights that inform key strategic decisions for drug and diagnostic test developers. Since 2012 Amplion has helped large and small companies alike make the best use of biomarkers in advancing precision therapeutics and next generation diagnostics.