Searching AdisInsight has become even more intuitive with the implementation of personalized frequently searched terms.  Your 10 most frequently searched terms will now be displayed in bold font on the advanced search page.  This will make the terms you search most often stand out from all the available terms while still allowing those other terms to be displayed in case you need them in the future.

Your 10 most frequently search terms will now be displayed in bold font

Building your frequently searched preferences will occur gradually.  You have to search for a term more than 5 times in order for it to be considered a frequently searched term.  Terms searched fewer than 5 times will not be highlighted to insure the bold terms have the most relevance to you.

This new personalized display will replace the old frequently searched section on the advanced search page.  That section was based on how often terms were searched consolidated across all users.

These changes are rooted in user experience testing and one-on-one customer discussions conducted to elicit feedback from users about the usability of the AdisInsight platform.  If you would like to participate in future product development research please contact us at

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