The AdisInsight development team has been busy creating new features and improving existing functionality to create an exceptional user experience for you.  Read below to see what we have added this month.

Retain Position in Search Results

How many times has this happened?  You are scrolling through pages of search results when you click on the 112th profile in your search results to get more information.  When you click back to the search results we take you to the 1st profile.  No longer.  You now return to the profile you clicked on in the search results when you return to the search result page after reading a profile instead of returning to the first search result.

Dynamic Grid View

We continue to improve the experience with our Grid View to better meet the needs of our users.  You can now reorder the column layout in the Grid View by using the Filter Columns menu option.  This popup allows you to drag and drop the column headings you need in the order that you want.  These selections will also be retained in the Excel export of your search results.

RDI-like Advanced Search

In response to your feedback, we are changing the look and feel of our Advanced Search closer to that of the old R&D Insight platform.  The position and display of the query is now to the right of the search criteria.  We have also added a tabular display to tell you the number of profiles your search will return before you run your search.

Formulation Search Term

You told us you wanted the ability to search by Formulation.  Now you have it.  We already had Formulation implemented as a filter but our user research discovered the need to have this as a search category.  The addition of Formulation to the Advanced Search gives you that ability.

Export New Molecular Entity

Users tell us that they find our identification of novel drugs as New Molecular Entities valuable when they want to find those drugs that have the potential to change clinical practice.  Until now the New Molecular Entity identification was not included in the drug profile export to Excel.  This has now been added allowing you to utilize the New Molecular Entity identification in offline analysis.

See All Filter Search

While talking with users we discovered that a lot of people didn’t realize that you can search all the entries that appear in the popup when you select See All for a search results filter.  We have made the search feature more intuitive by adding instructions to “type here to quickly navigate the list below” to the search box.  The addition of this help text should make this feature more discoverable.




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