Editors reinforce the critical role of patient involvement in decision-making around access to the medicines and health technologies they may need –

The world´s first book dedicated to the involvement of patients in Health Technology Assessment (HTA) has been launched. Entitled Patient involvement in Health Technology Assessment, its launch coincided with a Rome workshop based on the book contents, at which its three editors reinforced the critical role of patient involvement in informing decisions about patient access to the medicines and medical devices they may need.

Karen Facey, Lead Editor, said, “Patient involvement improves the quality, relevance and value of HTA. For HTA to be conducted in a meaningful way, high-quality evidence about patients’ experiences and perspectives is needed, alongside participation of patients in the assessment process. Yet, the lack of knowledge of meaningful ways for patients to participate in, and influence HTA, is still common throughout the world”.

“Patient Involvement in Health Technology Assessment addresses the why, what, how and when of patient involvement in HTA. We hope that this will help drive new research into what patients think is important when assessing a medicine or medical device. We also hope that it will foster better collaboration between patients and HTA staff for the benefit of HTA, healthcare systems, and most importantly of all, patients”, she added.

Supported by more than 80 expert contributors from a variety of disciplines around the globe, Patient Involvement in Health Technology Assessment explores the rationales underlying patient involvement, provides research methodologies to produce patient-based evidence, describes how patient involvement is being achieved in different countries, presents the point of view of various stakeholders and provides insight into how all stakeholders can contribute to making patient involvement more robust and meaningful.

 Commenting on the launch of the book, Neil Bertelsen, Chair of HTAi´s Patient and Citizen Involvement in HTA Interest Group (PCIG), said, “Patients must always be involved when decisions are made about things that may impact on them. This 467-page academic book provides an invaluable resource that can help us improve the quality and relevance of HTA. I would urge everyone committed to patient involvement to learn from this first-in-class publication”.

For those wanting to know more about the book and its contents, a number of webinars will be held. Contact Neil McGregor-Paterson, Secretariat, HTAi Interest Group for Patient and Citizen Involvement in HTA for more information. neil@realitasconsulting.co.uk

Notes to editors:

The publisher:

Patient Involvement in HTA is published by Springer Nature and it is available from both Springer.com and Amazon.

About the authors:

Karen Facey PhD is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh, Chartered Statistician, Honorary Member of the Faculty of Public Health and Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine. She is also a member of HTAi´s Patient and Citizen Involvement in HTA Interest Group (PCIG).

Helle Ploug Hansen, PhD and MA (Anthropology) is professor in humanistic rehabilitation research, the University of Southern Denmark, Department of Public Health, Research Unit of General Practice, Denmark. She is also a member of HTAi´s PCIG.

Ann Single, B.Bus (Journalism) MA (Writing), specialises in patient involvement and communication. She is also a member of HTAi´s PCIG.



 For further information contact:

 Neil McGregor-Paterson. neil@realitasconsulting.co.uk. 00 44 (0) 777 136 1783



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