The theme for this SEVENTH Indian conference was…

“transforming clinical safety and pharmacovigilance”

Pradeep Dass, from DIA Global, introduced the conference and said that ”the DIA is the collaboration that ignites change.”

We learned from the programme Chair, Dr Moin Don that this year the conference had.. “hit a double century” (I assume he is a cricket fan?!)

The Co-chair, Krishna Bahadursingh informed the audience that there were over 7000+ FTEs involved in PV activities in India, and that between 3.5 and 4 million ICSRs were processed per year; this represents an outstanding 80% of all ICSRs processed globally. In addition, Indian PV professionals were responsible for 40% of the aggregated reports produced globally.

Overall, approximately 67% of global outsourcing activities are Indian-based and these activities  carry a current estimated  worth of US$5 billion, with a projected increase to US$8 billion within the next five years.

Krishna Bahadursingh described India as “an integral part of the case-processing and thought leadership for Pharmacovigliance worldwide.”

The audience learned that despite India having the highest disease burden in the world, less than 1% of the population participated in clinical trials. However, this is about to change as the clinical trials regulations FOR India change. It is expected that as the overall number of clinical trials increases, so will the need for regulatory-associated activities.

The introduction was concluded with the fact that in the ten-year period starting 2003, 462 drugs had been withdrawn from the market because of safety issues. This, claimed our illustrious speaker, is why the post- marketing surveillance and its associated activities remain the most important part of drug safety.

And so the 7th DIA India was opened, with some outstanding stats regarding India’s contribution to PV worldwide….. but this was only the beginning, in terms of the information provided, regarding  the steps India is taking to become a major positive force in the  world of drug safety!

Image credit: Naveed Ahmed – on Unsplash


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