From January 2020, Reactions Weekly ( – an Adis newsletter – will have a new focus and features.

Reactions Weekly provides readers with the latest and most important news and research relating to drug safety. It has published drug safety news for almost 40 years, producing over 1700 issues. It offers readers a significant saving in the time and effort required to research and keep up to date with the thousands of information sources reporting drug safety information. This information is provided in a concise and convenient weekly update.

Over time, it has become increasingly challenging to find relevant drug safety information in Reactions Weekly because of our focus on providing extensive coverage of the large volume of articles published in the biomedical literature. Therefore, we are introducing changes to the content of Reactions Weekly from 2020 to streamline the product and improve the reader experience.

The changes we are introducing will focus the content on the most clinically important adverse reaction news of significance to healthcare practitioners, researchers and regulators. The new features will increase our coverage of drug safety research, simplify the presentation of case report articles, and improve the ability to identify key data at a glance.

Specifically, the changes include:

  • To increase our coverage of drug safety research, there will be a table of additional drug safety news articles relevant to our readers (see example 1).
  • To streamline the presentation of case report articles, author comments and reporter country will be removed to focus on the most relevant information for our target readers.
  • To make it easy to identify the key data at a glance, non-serious case reports will be presented in a table rather than as individual articles (see example 2).

We look forward to presenting the new features to you in 2020. If you have any questions, please contact

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2 thoughts on “Reactions Weekly: Introducing New Features for 2020

  1. Dear Reactions Weekly,

    I love this journal – such an important reference to quickly access ADR information for drugs. I do agree that over time, finding the relevant information on Reactions Weekly has become more complex, especially to those inexperienced with your site. I think your proposal to improve searchability is an important step forward. I for one will miss the ‘author comment’ as I felt this was another level of quick peer review of the case, but I acknowledge the challenge of maintaining this in the setting of growing ADR literature.

    Keep up the great work.

    Medicines Information Pharmacist

    1. Hi Louise. Thanks for your positive comments. It’s great to hear from readers of Reactions Weekly. I hope you like the changes, and please get in touch if you have any questions about the product. Regards, Pauline McWilliams, Editor, Reactions Weekly.

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